3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

The IMEX Transport third-party logistics service (3PL) comprehensively designs, manages and implements the logistical operations which support your Supply Chain Management (SCM). Our 3PL service goes beyond management but creates Logistics Innovation, where we are committed to the operations from conception. We suggest value-added logistical opportunities for our clients on the basis of location, costs and quality of service.


We provide top-quality 3PL services utilizing our know-how cultivated through our long history, industry leading network, and SCM support system including but not limited to:

  • Large network of Top-Carriers
  • Equipment Pool Control
  • Coverage of the continental United States
  • Coverage to all major Canadian destinations
  • Load Tracking & Tracing
  • Multi-modal offering


The IMEX Transport carrier network provides a depth of offerings within each mode serviced. As a part of our Carrier Qualification Standards and commitment to quality, we continuously collect information on the carriers in our network regarding capacity, pricing trends, reliability, quality control standards and overall service. With our full-service in-house IT support, our clients have access to necessary carrier metrics and customized reports.


Working with IMEX, you have an entire team on your side. Work with dedicated logistics coordinators that understand the business needs and have access to crucial data and trends. Our client's dedicated account teams are made up of a team of logistics professionals whose job it is to provide a seamless and streamlined solution to meet all transportation requirements.