The IMEX Transport IT Department is dedicated to respond to our customer's IT needs in a timely manner and to provide IT tools to our whole team to perform above our customers expectations.


  • IMEX 3PL System: Built in-house, our systems strengths comes from its versatility and agility to provide the necessary data for our logistics teams to successfully meet our customer demands.
    • 100% adaptable to meet Client Needs
    • Web-based Interface (Login Now)

  • Electronic Transfers: IMEX is fully experienced and setup for all types of eletronic interfaces of such as:
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • GERP Capable


  • Real-Time Inventory: Data is captured by our yard staff constantly by Handheld Devices which submit information into our system.
    • Wireless Location real time update
    • PC tablet function

  • Bar Coding System: For each container or trailer that in-gates the IMEX yard, we affix a bar code for quicker processing and more accurate inventory (Bar codes are provided for: Trailers, Chassis, Trucks and Drivers)

  • Location System: IMEX offers a location map by carrier, by type for our customer and carrier partner needs. There is no time wasted to for Pick up/ Parking utilizing our system.